With summer and holidays just around the corner it’s a good idea to ensure that your equipment is in top condition. Proper oil flow and fresh filters are one of your best guarantees for those long days spent by the pool or at the beach.

Hiab high-quality original filters offer excellent filtration efficiency which means any impurities in the fluid are kept to a minimum. At the same time, they feature extra high dirt holding capacity which translates into long filter lifetime. Regular filter replacement increases the lifetime of your equipment and reduces your operating costs.

For your convenience, you can buy complete filter kits that contain everything needed in one cost-effective solution.

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To ensure top cleanliness level always choose Hiab original filters

With high β10(c)-values and high β10(c)-value stability they are your best guarantee for excellent filtration efficiency and component protection. When comparing filter ratings, always look for the beta ratios as they provide the best way of gauging the expected performance of a filter.