MOFFETT truck mounted forklift

The MOFFETT truck mounted forklift are usually mounted on the rear of a truck or its platform, where they can be dismounted in less than one minute. You can transport more goods and earn more profits as the MOFFETT is not taking up precious load space.

With a MOFFETT truck mounted forklift, drivers can unload cargo without waiting for assistance. The faster turnaround translates into better logistics and increased profitability.

Compatible with virtually any truck or trailer combination, and dismounted in under a minute, a MOFFETT truck-mounted forklift will guarantee faster, safer and more cost effective deliveries. Lightweight designs for maximized truck capacity, short overhang for strict length regulations, all-wheel drive for rough terrain and powerful engines for heavy or challenging loads. Whatever your load handling needs, there is a MOFFETT truck-mounted forklift and an enormous range of options to meet them. The range offers lifting capacities up to 8,000 lbs.

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