This year, Hiab celebrates its 75th anniversary. We have spent all these years working hard to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Each component in our products is carefully selected to secure the best quality and the highest safety level. Therefore, when maintaining our products, it is important to use original spare parts to keep the same performance and safety level as the customers have invested in.

In this anniversary campaign, we focus on two vital parts: hydraulic hoses and chains. The reason they are so important is that if they fail, everything comes to a grinding halt. That is why they should be inspected on a regular basis to identify weaknesses before any downtime or injury occurs.


Between August 19 and September 15, 2019, we offer a 20% discount on selected Hiab original hoses and chains ordered through our Webshop.

Hiab original hoses

Hoses are critical parts of every hydraulic system. They also take a beating.  Performing regular inspections and replacing hoses in time ensures workplace safety and keeps all machines up and running.

• Correct specification for pressure and bend radius
• Guaranteed to fit Hiab equipment
• Delivery services that meet all needs, 8-72 hours or produce them onsite
• 3-year warranty

Hiab original chains

Hiab chains have been carefully selected to ensure maximum safety whilst maintaining the highest possible level of performance and durability.

• Tensile strength 30% above the international chain standard
• Fatigue strength 50% above the international chain standard
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Inspected and pre-loaded to secure quality