At Hiab, we have spent 75 years securing safe operation using our equipment. Safety is in fact essential in everything we do, from products to the way we work and act. Our equipment is loaded with safety features that protect the operator and keep the machine and its load stable. Each component is carefully selected to secure the best quality and the highest safety level. Using original parts means maintaining the high level of safety intended and securing top performance.

In this month’s campaign, we focus on parts that support a safe working environment. But we also encourage you to offer your customers a free safety inspection to ensure their equipment is safe to use and in good shape. Well-maintained equipment is the best way to secure safety and uptime. And a free inspection not only adds to your goodwill, it also gives you an opportunity to sell more parts and services.

Stay safe with original parts

• Original parts secure high performance and safe operation
• Original parts are engineered for perfect fit and maximum protection
• Use safety-related parts and accessories to create a safe working environment


• Mix daily inspection with professional inspections to ensure operator and machine safety
• Identify equipment misuse or issues before it is too late
• Prevent accidents and downtime with preventive maintenance