Power equals productivity and when your equipment loses power, you lose uptime. Avoid unnecessary downtime by always carrying a spare battery to ensure you’re never caught without power again.

With a range of batteries covering each HIAB Loader crane remote control, from the latest CombiDrive to the older HiDrive, staying charged on the go has never been easier. 

What’s more, by only using Hiab approved genuine batteries, you’re guaranteeing the best performance for your equipment. With up to 50% longer operating time and upwards of 6 months longer lifetime than other batteries, you can be sure you're operating at maximum efficiency.

Choose Hiab Batteries to guarantee:

  • Up to 50% longer operating time
  • Engineered for Hiab products and mandatory for warranty fulfilment
  • Up to 6 months longer lifetime due to lower number of charging cycles needed
  • Safety features with extensive tests and quality controls 
  • Always delivered with 12 months warranty


10% discount on Loader Crane Controller Batteries valid November 1st – 17th December