You gave us valuable feedback during 2018

We worked hard to build a better service

Thanks for taking part in our monthly surveys during 2018

We have been collecting feedback from you on a monthly basis during an eight-month period in 2018. You’ve given us numeric ratings, and open and honest feedback on what we should develop. Our team has completed several tasks to iterate based on the comments you have sent to us. Here you can read about issues you have raised, and actions we have taken to improve our service.

Speed & Performance
We have taken several actions to improve the speed of the Hiab Webshop by reducing our page loading time.

The page loading time dropped with 95% when loading machine drawings after searching with serial number or browsing by equipment type after our latest release 19th of January.

Add to cart is now 3-4 times faster than earlier.

NOTE! Our Webshop works the best with Chrome browser. If you can, please prefer this browser type, and remember to update it regularly.

Finding the correct spare part can be a daunting task without the background information of the equipment it belongs to. We are happy to announce that we have introduced a new feature which you can use to check if a spare part fits your machine.

To determine whether the spare part you are looking for is a match with your machine; go to the product page of the spare part, type in your machines serial number and click ‘Check’ button. That’s it!

We have now product images for close to 16,000 materials in the webshop. We are continuously adding new pictures, and at our current rate, our photographing operation is producing new images for 250-300 materials each month.

Saved Carts
Many of you order the same products repetitively; therefore we introduced a new feature which allows you to save the shopping carts that you use frequently. This way you don’t have to add the items to the cart over and over again. We hope that this feature has been useful for you!

New login
We introduced a new login process in October 2018. First of all, it ramps up your security and second of all, you can access all Hiab services from a single location.

We work hard to provide the best experience for our customers and are always looking for ways to improve. Thank you again for taking your time to give us feedback, and we hope that you will continue doing so in the future.

Let's look forward to working together during 2019!


Best Regards,

Hiab Webshop Team