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We are developing our services to better serve our valued customers! Ordering Hiab original spare parts from Hiab Webshop is currently enabled for selected partners in selected countries. In case you do not yet have an account to our new Webshop, and you have found Hiab original spare parts that you are interested in, please contact your local the Hiab office or view the locations in your country to find your closest Hiab service dealer.

Before contacting us, please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions. 


Country Person / Company Email Phone  Locations
Australia Vaughan Lewis 0387888700 See locations
Belgium Christian Guiomar Vaz
Johan Beyens
 See locations
Finland Niko Nurminen +358407639953  See locations
France  Hiab France  +33130511836  See locations
Germany Mario Hemmerling +495117705118  See locations
Ireland Hiab Ireland & UK 00448456072797  See locations
Italy Hiab Italia s.r.l. 0239100848  See locations
Japan Hiab Parts Japan 0459331991  
Netherlands Jan Jonkman
John van den Hurk
 See locations
Norway Jan-Harald Koi
Erik Hagen
 See locations
Portugal  Hiab Iberia    +34916270100  See locations
Spain  Hiab Iberia    +34916270100  See locations
Sweden Fredrik Skoglung
Anders Johansson
 See locations
UK Hiab UK & Ireland 08456072797  See locations
USA Mike Bruno Desk: 6148345012
Cell: 6142826676
 See locations
Other countries