Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering from Hiab Webshop is currently possible in certain locations only. If you are a new customer and would like to order Parts or Service from Hiab, please Contact us!

What is Hiab Webshop and why you should become our customer?

Hiab Webshop is a safe and easy channel for you to order products from us. Our product selection includes all original spare parts, accessories and extensions to our HIAB, MOFFETT, LOGLIFT, JONSERED, FOCOLIFT, MULTILIFT and ZEPRO equipment. We provide global fast and reliable deliveries, and we are committed to increasing the efficiency of your business. Contact us to create your Hiab Webshop account!

1. Who can order from Hiab Webshop?

Currently, orders can be made by Hiab's partners and customers in specific markets. To place an order, you need to login first. If you are a new customer and would like to order Parts or Service from Hiab, please Contact us!

2. How can I create an account to Hiab Webshop?

You can contact our customer service to see if Hiab Webshop is available in your location. If our service is available in your location, the local customer service will create a Webshop account for you. Thank you for your patience!

3. I would like to return some goods that I have purchased. How should I proceed?

The return policy of goods depends on the location of the buyer, product type, age of the product and other variants. Please contact your Hiab representative before returning goods.

4. I have login credentials, but cannot see prices or place orders. Why is this?

Our store has different levels of user rights. If you need broader rights, please contact your organization's admin user or your Hiab representative for more information.

5. What Internet browser should I use with Hiab Webshop?

We recommend you to use Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple's Safari or MS Internet Explorer. You should keep your browser updated with the latest version as older versions may cause issues.