Batch order user guide

We launched a completely redesigned Batch Order interface on the webshop, which will now make placing your big orders even faster and easier. With improved batch order performance, you can now take advantage of mass upload by uploading up to 200 line items.


How to use batch order

The new batch order interface also shows unavailable or not found items and items that have been replaced, making it easier for you to review the replaced parts and manage its replacement on the same page.

Upload your purchase order in a file by pressing the red button ”Import you order file”.

How to configure an order file:

  • At the moment we support XLS, XLSX, CSV and BAK files;
  • In your Excel file: in column A write the item number; in column B write item quantity. Row 1 is reserved for headers, e.g. "Item number" and “Quantity";

You may also insert items manually at the right-hand side.

You will be notified if some items are not uploaded and why.

You can change the amount of the materials before adding the items to a cart.



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