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The hay and forestry grapple KM 641HPX-HD using the HPXdrive Heavy Duty is ideal for handling hay, brushwood, compost or manure – often used for municipal operations and road work. The revolutionary HPXdrive-technology guarantees a reliable and low maintenance attachment.


Reliability of the HPXdrive! The movement of the arms of the grapple is generated by two hollow shafts, which run opposed and have a helix thread, hydraulically driven by a single piston. No more hydraulic cylinders!

Longer life cycle up to 50%! Self-lubrication: The drive unit runs in a permanent oil bath. The compact design makes the HPXdrive resistant to dirt and debris.

Versatility with different types of shells that can easily be refitted onto the driving unit.

Profitability through low maintenance costs and longer life cycle.

Precise handling with the gear-type Hiab rotator and shells synchronised by the single piston turning both shafts of the HPXdrive.

Rotator with shaft is available as an alternative, in case a quick change to a non-rotating hook is favoured.

Constant closing force (23 kN at 32 MPa operating pressure) over the entire opening and closing process; high efficiency provided by hydro static bearings of the axes.

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