Regularly scheduled maintenance is key to maintaining your operation running smoothly. Any number of factors, from extreme climate to the number of daily working hours, can impact the smooth running of your equipment. Regular maintenance means most problems are spotted early and can be addressed quickly and easily, before they are allowed to escalate.




Regular replacement of filters as part of your dedicated maintenance program increases the lifetime of your equipment while ensuring the accuracy of your operation. 

Regular maintenance means the hydraulic system remains clean, with unwanted particles and dirt kept at bay. The introduction of particles into your system can lead to the damage of sensitive components, such as hydraulic valves, motors or pumps. Original Hiab spare part filters ensure 100% accurate fit, along with optimal quality and flow.




Making sure you choose the right lubrication and hydraulic oil during service visits ensures protection from corrosion, reduces wear and tear, and keeps equipment performance optimal. 

Hydraulic oil replacement keeps valve and product movement accurate and promote the long life of the hydraulic pump. Grease keeps the parts moving, curtails sound, and protects against rust and climate damage, while chain sprays form a protective film to reduce friction and wear. Hiab genuine branded lubricants ensure you use the correct type of product per application.