Hiab original spare parts are designed specifically for our equipment, ensuring premium quality and reliability. They give you the optimal performance you've come to expect from the world's leader in load handling solutions. Hiab spare parts are the same parts used to build your machine, so you can count on them giving you the same performance you would find in new products. Our original spare parts are unique and cannot be sourced elsewhere, without compromising on the quality.

Hiab Webshop provides original spare parts for all Hiab's brands: HIAB cranes, JONSERED cranes, MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts, LOGLIFT cranes, MULTILIFT demountables, DEL, ZEPRO and WALTCO tail lifts. 




Hydraulic cylinders are critical to the performance of your Hiab equipment. Therefore, the specification and quality for Hiab hydraulic cylinders are the highest in the industry. After a repeated number of cycles of machine operation, a certain amount of wear is to be expected. We offer seal kits for maintenance of cylinders, giving your Hiab machine continued top performance and an extended life cycle.

Whether you need a replacement for the hydraulic cylinder to bring your machine back to life, or you only need to replace a Hiab cylinder component, we provide high quality and quickly installable solutions. In case of an accident, replacement of the whole cylinder is recommended to guarantee cylinder performance. The replacement cylinders are pressure tested to ensure that your machine functions continuously at its highest performance level.


Together with optimised design, the premium steel quality in the structural components gives Hiab equipment the structural strength to deliver heavy loads year after year.

The steel structures are manufactured using premium quality high tensile steel, meaning you get a machine that not just extremely durable but one that is up to performing the most high-stress tasks safely and reliably. Although accidents are unlikely, should one occur all main structural spare parts are available quickly, and ensure a perfect fit with your Hiab product.




Hiab offers a variety of controls systems, each of which embodies the advanced technology, superb quality and unrivalled reliability for which Hiab is renowned. The more advanced the control system, the greater the productivity of your machine.