HIAB Cyclone Tanks

The patented Cyclone technology offers more than a simple improvement of your oil tank: it removes air from the oil in an innovative way that is 10 times more effective than in any traditional oil tank.

The Cyclone insert takes out the air, while the surrounding reservoir acts as a buffer to change the volume. As a result, the dimension of the oil tank can be adapted to the maximum return flow and the volume change that the reservoir needs to handle.

The Cyclone technology saves oil, installation space and weight. Plus, the small over-pressure created by the Cyclone insert prevents cavitation, resulting in a longer lifetime for both the pump and the oil.

339-5016 CYCLONE TANK 135L

High mounted 135 L 3395016

  • Designed to fit HIAB 50-70 TM Cranes
  • Suitable for 30-50 TM Cranes with increased installation space
  • Mounting brackets included when ordering together with HIAB FrameWorksTM
  • Suction connection, Return filter and Air breather included

Chassis mounted 100 L 3395009

  • Suitable for HIAB Loader cranes, Forestry and Recycling Cranes up to 40 TM
  • Mounting brackets, Suction connection, Return filter and Air breather included

Cyclone Tank Features and Benefits:

- Forced de-aeration of the oil that decreases the temperature.
- Small over-pressure in the outlet that prevents cavitation in the pump.
- More efficient filtration.
- Less fuel consumption with lower weight or increased payload.

Find here some examples on how this technology can save space and weight on your crane:
- In 30-60 Tm Cranes you can use a Cyclone oil tank with a volume of 135 litres
instead of a 250-300 litres.

- In a Forestry crane you can change the regular 250-300 litres oil tank to a chassis-
installed 100 litres Cyclone oil tank.