Fastening and loosening containers, pallet forks, slings etc in a fast and safe way. KM 920-5 is designed to pick up Pallet forks, but can be used for various loads.

The additional hook can be used for attaching slings. ARH 30 has a wide opening for various loads. Both versions are usually attached to Rotator.

Technical data KM 920-5 ARH-30
Part no. * 3396710 -
Part no. 3396711 3394608
Self weight (kg) 12 15
Load capacity (kg) 4500 3000
Load holding valve Yes Yes
Mechanical lock Yes No
Mounting flange (mm) 4 x 140 4 x 140

*Package consists of Hydraulic hook, Flange rotator with short upper link and hose guard, hose kit


Hydraulic hook ARH 30

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Hydraulic hook KM 920-5

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