Connect multiple hydraulic lines simultaneously 

The MultiCoupling package provides a relatively inexpensive solution for connecting hydraulic accessories to the crane. The MultiCoupling package consists of a fixed part (female connection) and a mobile part (male connection). By connecting the fixed part onto the crane’s hydraulic circuit, and the mobile part onto the accessories’ input hoses, you can connect several hydraulic lines in one, simple, operation.


Reference pins ensure perfect line alignment and an automatic safety lock safeguards against unintentional disconnection. The release handle has a safety lock, a red push button, that can be fitted on either side of the handle. These features make it possible to switch accessories safely, even under full working pressure. All-in-all MultiCoupling provides a clean, relatively inexpensive and easy way of switching accessories.

Multicoupling Packages

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MultiCoupling for Boom tip to accessory Boom tip to accessory Boom tip to jib Vehicle to crane
Package (part no.)* 987 4445 987 0555 339 0951 987 4470
Mobile part (part no.) 987 4461 987 0571 339 0977 987 4496
Max. oil flow (l/min) 40 70 70 150
Max. oil pressure (MPa) 35 35 35 35
Total number of ports 4 4 8 4
Number of pressure ports 2 (size 3/8”) 2 (size 1/2”) 4 (size 1/2”) 1 (size 1”)
Number of return ports 2 (size 3/8”) 2 (size 1/2”) 4 (size 1/2”) 1 (size 1”)
Number of drainage/pilot ports 0 0 0 1 (size 1/2”)
Number of electric ports 0 0 0 1 (7 poles, max. 13A)

* Package consists of: Fixed part, Mobile part.


  Multi-X 10 Multi-X 12,5
Quick coupling complete* 339-4786 339-4816
Male plate** 339-4808 339-4832
Mounting bracket 339-4981 339-4999

*Package including male and female plate, mounting bracket and dust covers.
**Dust cap is included.


Technical data
Max. working pressure (MPa) 35
Min. berst pressure (MPa) 120
Temperature range -30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F)
Material female plate Zink plated steel, anodized aluminium, zink, brass
Material male plate Zink plated steel, anodized aluminium, brass
Material seal Nitril (NBR)