We have taken great care to ensure that the personnel basket is as safe to use and as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. It can carry a load equivalent to the weight of two persons and tools. An external safety rail reduces the risk for crushing and the basket’s floor is non-slippery and self draining. The basket is fitted with hooks for safety harnesses and a special holder to place the remote control unit in. A battery charger, as well as an extra battery, is mounted on the inside of the basket. It is also equipped with a box for working tools, and an easy-to-reach push-button emergency stop.

The basket is made of aluminium or galvanized steel. A Hiab XS HiPro fitted with the MEWP option gives you a complete, certified solution for crane and personnel basket – in full compliance with European standard EN 280.

Hiab Personnel Basket Models - 2-man, Steel SP800

Personnel baskets - 2-man, Aluminium, PB800

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3391531 3397297 9855599
2-man, Steel SP800  2-man, Steel SP800  2-man, Steel SP800
XSDrive CombiDrive Non – CE


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2-man, Aluminium, PB800 2-man, Aluminium, PB800 2-man, Aluminium, PB800
XSDrive CombiDrive Non – CE