HIAB Original Spare Parts

Hiab original spare parts and extensions are designed specifically for our equipment, such as the popular HIAB 335k and HIAB 435k loader cranes, and all our HiPro models. Hiab original spare parts and extensions ensure premium quality and reliability of your HIAB loader crane. They give you the optimal performance you've come to expect from the world's leader in loader cranes and other load handling solutions. Hiab spare parts are the same parts used to build your machine, like HIAB 335k and HIAB 435k as well as all our HiPro models.

You can count on our original spare parts giving you the same performance you would find in our new loader cranes, truck mounted forklifts and other products. Our original spare parts are unique and cannot be sourced elsewhere, without compromising on the quality.


Spare Parts for HIAB 335k and 435k drywall loader cranes

The HIAB XS 335k loader crane gives you an optimized boom system, with greater lift capacity at higher levels and faster loading/unloading. Using Hiab original spare parts for maintenance, you ensure optimal performance of the drywall loader crane day in, day out.

The HIAB XS 435k  loader crane is designed for demanding construction site tasks and drywall deliveries. By using Hiab original spare parts for maintenance, you ensure that delivering to rooftops, through windows or onto balconies is always a smooth operation requiring little effort.



HIAB Boom Parts

Together with optimised design, the premium steel quality in the Hiab boom and boom truck parts give your equipment the structural strength to deliver heavy loads year after year.

The Hiab Boom Parts are manufactured using premium quality high tensile steel, meaning you get a machine that is not just extremely durable but one that is up to performing the most high-stress tasks safely and reliably. Although accidents are unlikely, should one occur all Hiab boom spare parts are available quickly, and ensure a perfect fit with your Hiab product.



HIAB Crane Rotators

The rotator is an essential, often overlooked workhorse in load-handling solutions. A reliable, precise and sturdy rotator is a must when handling loads, especially heavy or bulky ones – with high precision. A wide range of rotators is available in our webshop, to ensure there is always one appropriate for your needs. Turning motion comes via a gear-type or vane-type rotator. The gear-type enables a somewhat higher degree of precision in its movements. As well as different drive types you can choose between a shaft- or flange attachment, the latter giving the most firm and direct connection to an accessory.



HIAB Control Systems & Remote Control Parts

We offer all original Hiab controls systems and remote controller parts, each of which embodies the advanced technology, superb quality and unrivalled reliability for which Hiab is renowned. The more advanced your Hiab control system is, the higher the productivity of your machine. Hiab remote controllers and original Hiab remote control parts are designed specifically for our equipment, enabling the precision you need in your work.


HIAB HiPro cranes come with highest performance and flexibility. HIAB HiPro is the expert choice for versatility and precision. We have original parts for all our HiPro cranes. By using the original HIAB HiPro parts, you ensure your crane remains ultra-quick and ultra-smooth. Original HIAB HiPro parts bring out the best in both the crane and operator for the most rapid lifecycles and the lowest possible lifetime cost. No control system is faster, safer or more exact than HIAB HiPro. 



HIAB Forks

Hiab crane forks enable safe and agile handling of heavy loads. With Hiab crane forks delivering loads to rooftops, through windows or onto balconies becomes a smooth operation requiring little effort.



HIAB Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are the circulatory system of your Hiab machine, supplying power to the cylinders and motors. Hiab hoses, explicitly designed for your Hiab product are built to withstand the rigours of the everyday workload, even in the most extreme environments.

By using genuine Hiab hoses, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have installed the correct specification with the full backup and support you've come to expect from Hiab.



HIAB Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are critical to the performance of your Hiab equipment. Therefore, the specification and quality for Hiab hydraulic cylinders are the highest in the industry. After a repeated number of cycles of machine operation, a certain amount of wear is to be expected. We offer seal kits for maintenance of cylinders, giving your Hiab machine continued top performance and an extended life cycle.

Whether you need a replacement for the hydraulic cylinder to bring your machine back to life, or you only need to replace a Hiab cylinder component, we provide high quality and quickly installable solutions. In case of an accident, replacement of the whole cylinder is recommended to guarantee cylinder performance. The replacement cylinders are pressure tested to ensure that your machine functions continuously at its highest performance level.



HIAB Slide Pads

Hiab slide pads reduce the play between sliding frames, eliminating wear and tear on the structures. Replacing slide pads regularly increases equipment precision and prevents damage to structural components. By using the original Hiab slide pads, you ensure our Hiab crane maintains it's precision and high performance.

Regular adjustment and replacement of slide pads keeps equipment precise and functional, preventing time-consuming and costly repairs. Larger slide pads mean fewer visits to the workshop and more time delivering goods. Only original Hiab slide pads keep your equipment performing at optimal level.