MOFFETT Original Spare Parts


Hiab Webshop offers original spare parts for all MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts, piggybacks and carriages. Our original spare parts ensure premium quality and reliability of your MOFFETT truck crane, such as the popular M4, M5, M5000, M55, M5500, M8, and TM50 models.

You can count on our spare parts giving you the same performance you would find in our new truck mounted forklifts, cranes and other products. The MOFFETT original spare parts are unique and cannot be sourced elsewhere, without compromising on the quality.

Our original spare parts give you the optimal performance you've come to expect from the world's leader in TMFLs and other load handling solutions. Hiab spare parts are the same parts used to build your machine, like MOFFETT M4, M5, M5000, M55, M5500, M8, and TM50. Hiab Inc. manufactures MOFFETT and its spare parts and owns the MOFFETT brand.



Spare Parts for MOFFETT M4, M5, M5000, M55, M5500, M8, and TM50

All MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts transfer loads quickly and safely - even across challenging terrain. MOFFETT carriages are agile and tackle all kinds of operations to give you an all-around advantage. Using original MOFFETT spare parts for maintenance, you ensure optimal performance of the carriage day in, day out.

All MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts are available with a range of accessories and attachments. Most of our models include 4-Way steering for negotiating tight access areas with long loads. We offer original parts also for all MOFFETT 4-Way models. MOFFETT's handle efficiently even the most demanding tasks, such as the live poultry loading.




Together with optimised design, the premium quality of MOFFETT chains gives your truck mounted forklift the strength to deliver heavy loads year after year.

The MOFFETT chains are manufactured using premium quality materials, meaning you get a part that is not just durable but one that is up to performing the most high-stress tasks safely and reliably. We have chains available quickly, and we ensure a perfect fit with your MOFFETT carriage.




Hiab's MOFFETT forks enable easy handling of heavy loads. With Hiab forks for MOFFETT's delivering loads becomes a smooth operation requiring little effort. Also, loading and unloading from a side of a truck are safe and nimble.




MOFFETT Tires give your equipment the strength and steadiness to deliver heavy loads year after year, even in extreme conditions. The tires are safe and reliable on a variety of ground surfaces -  from rough terrain to paved streets.




Hydraulic hoses are the circulatory system of your Hiab machine, supplying power to the cylinders and motors. MOFFETT Hoses, designed specifically for your product are built to withstand the rigours of the everyday workload, even in the most extreme environments.

By using genuine Hiab hoses for MOFFETTs you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have installed the correct specification with the full backup and support you've come to expect from Hiab.




MOFFETT Filters ensure that your machine keeps running at its best performance level - uninterrupted. The original filters keep the hydraulic system clean, with unwanted particles and dirt kept at bay. Hiab's MOFFETT Filters enable continuous and safe operation of your truck mounted forkliftRegular replacement of filters as part of your dedicated maintenance program increases the lifetime of your equipment while ensuring the accuracy of your operation.



MOFFETT Cords and Cables

MOFFETT cords and cables ensure that the connections and electrical signals of your MOFFETT truck lift are maintained during the operation, and the machine keeps running to its best performance.  They are designed and manufactured to meet the challenging conditions that the equipment needs to face day in day out. Replacing broken or damaged cords and cables with Hiab's original parts for MOFFETT will ensure maximum uptime for your machine. The MOFFETT cords and cables such as the Suzie Cable are available in our Webshop.