Wear and tear is a fact of production life, and certain parts of your equipment take a tougher beating than others. Combining durable, high quality Hiab original parts with regular maintenance means repeated and extreme usage need not lead to unplanned stops in your operation.




Hydraulic hoses are the circulatory system of your machine, supplying power to the cylinders and motors. Hydraulic hoses, designed specifically for your Hiab product are built to withstand the rigours of the everyday workload, even in the most extreme environments.

By using genuine Hiab hoses you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have installed the correct specification with the full backup and support you've come to expect from Hiab.




Slide pads reduce the play between sliding frames, eliminating wear and tear on the structures, so replacing slide pads regularly increases equipment precision and prevents damage to structural components.

Regular adjustment and replacement of slide pads keeps equipment precise and functional, preventing time consuming and costly repairs. Larger slide pads mean fewer visits to the workshop and more time delivering goods.




Hiab's wide variety of kits support your maintenance needs easily, ensuring that you experience uninterrupted production flow. Whether it's service kits, overhaul kits, upgrade kits or decal kits, service or maintenance kits are the most efficient way to make sure you receive all the items you need for a scheduled service. You can be assured that you receive only OEM approved parts with full technical backup, with no compromises to specification or quality. All kits are ready to ship from any of our worldwide Parts Distribution Hubs.